“SVSS surgeons and staff are all very knowledgeable and professional. But more importantly they are very caring of both you and your pet. They treat your pet as if it were their own and take the time to answer all your questions so you have no doubt about the procedure as well as follow up care. My dogs, Lilly and Sally love everyone that interacts with them while they are there. Tremendous thanks to Dr Steurer for the recent operation on Sally. Highly recommended!”

-Granny B. on Google


“My dog visited Dr. Dixon for an orthopedic surgical consult and I was very pleased with my visit. The staff was very responsive, even during the Covid pandemic and their curbside service. My call was handled promptly and each time they needed to come to my car with paperwork or for payment, they never left me waiting. All staff members were all wearing mask and wore them appropriately, which I appreciated and everyone was friendly and professional. Dr. Dixon took the time to explain treatment options and thoroughly answered my questions. I really appreciate that he did not make the phone call feel rushed. I believe the technician who helped me was Shelby, she was great as well. I highly recommend Southwest Veterinary Surgical Service.”

-3ricka on Google


“The staff and Dr Bert Shelly are the best!! Our dog had to have orthopedic surgery on her hind legs three different times and the out come has been wonderful. She was born with congenital problems and even at her advanced age of 10yrs she is in tip top shape. these caring folks are simply the best!!”

– Gail on Google


“Dr Sullivan took great efforts to make sure our dog was thoroughly checked out before presenting surgical options and made options and pricing up front and clear. While we didn’t end up needing surgery (YAY) should we get to that point, we obviously know where we will be taking our pupper”

– Jacquelyn on Google


“I was very pleased with my visit. I had a appointment with Dr. Jeffrey Stuerer for my 4 year old Yorkshire Bear. My dog was vomiting blood and had been to 3 vets while trying to figure out what was wrong with him. Bear was diagnosed with Valley fever and had possibly a lung lobe torsion (twist). With covid, I was still allowed to go inside with my dog which I appreciated greatly. Dr. Stuerer came into the exam room and talked with me regarding his surgical approach, my dogs x rays and lab results all were already set up in the exam room. I felt he had reviewed them and was knowledgeable about my dogs issues/diagnosis before even seeing my dog. I had pages of questions written out, he answered all of them with no issue or annoyance. I felt comfortable leaving Bear with him, and knew he would be in good hands. During surgery Dr. Stuerer noticed a second lobe infected and removed that one at no extra charge. Bear has a large mass pressing on the trachea that he was unable to remove safely, and took a sample to get a biopsy. I am still awaiting those results. After surgery, Bear wasn’t eating as much as he should be; the technicians called me and allowed me to go back inside and try to feed him and visit him for about 10 min. Since bringing him home after a 2 night hospital stay, I was able to call and talk with the technicians, and even the doctor if I requested. They were all very friendly and allowed me to ask questions and all were familiar with my dog and why he was there. I would recommend Dr. Stuerer and will tell everyone how good my dog was treated.”

– Taylor on Yelp


“Our dog needed his leg amputated and very quickly. We were concerned about doing the procedure, but felt it was the right decision after meeting with Dr.Schaible. She was very informed about our dogs medical condition and the staff went above and beyond to get him in quickly. We felt our boy was in good hands and received the very best care. The entire staff was kind and informative. I highly recommend the team at Southwest Veterinary Specialists.”

– Jennifer on Google


This place is the absolute best! My dog hurt her leg really bad and her regular Vet said she needed TPLO surgery and gave me three referrals – and that it was going to be very expensive. I called all three and none of them could get me in for at least three weeks – one place couldn’t even get her in for a consult for four months! And none of them would even give me a ballpark estimate until they saw her. So I took to Google and found Southwest. They were so kind and professional on the phone, told me about what it would cost if everything went well and got her in for a consult and same day surgery three days later. We got there and the place looks like a regular surgical center for people. I was super comfortable with the doctors and and the facility. I got a call after her surgery and that evening the 2nd shift nurse called me to give me another update. Then by 8 am the next day I got another call from the overnight nurse. We picked her up with great instructions and a follow up appt. scheduled, and $400 back because she did so well. She’s doing awesome and we owe it all to Southwest.

– Kelly on Google


My rescue dog who had been abused by the previous owner required FHO surgery. I took him in to have him evaluated and they were very caring and were able to get him in same day. They were transparent in the costs, pricing seemed reasonable despite my limited experience with surgeries. They were extremely communicative, gave me updates, monitored my dog, provided itemized details and several follow up texts and calls. I had to reach out for a PT place and the front desk person helped locate and complete a referral for me to a local rehab. Overall, best experience. I am extremely cautious with my pets, especially Little Man who has already experienced so much trauma. I am 100% confident in their care and trust they honestly care about their patients and the family. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

– Jill on Google


I am so thankful we were referred to this practice for my dog’s TPLO surgery. They weren’t the closest location but by far the best! From the communication from the first call in —-to the last follow-up I am thoroughly impressed. It is very hard to find the care, attention to detail and communication within any business as of late but they continued to impress me. I would hands down recommend this surgical center to anyone.

– Chelsea on Google


We brought our English Bulldog in for surgery just this Tuesday and I can’t thank them enough for taking such great care of our him. From the consultation to the day of the surgery and after, they have done such a great job communicating with us about the process and proper care needed. They answered all of our questions and checked in frequently. They truly treated him like their own and I couldn’t be more happy with choosing them.

– Selena on Google


“I want to thank you for the excellent surgery and care Dixie received. I would like to commend you and the team for everyone’s compasion, patience and outstanding customer service. All details of Dixie’s procedure were explained fully and I was kept informed at each step of the surgery process. I was always met with a friendly caring attitude with my interactions with the front desk staff and during all phone calls. I never felt rushed at any time. My experience with your firm was nothing but outstanding and far surpasses any other veterinary center I have ever dealt with. Definitely topnotch through and through.”

– Scott on Google


“The very best in the valley. The team at the Scottsdale facility are top notch. Very kind and caring for every pet that walks in their door. From the front staff to the surgeon everyone wanted the best for my pup. Speaking of my pup, after meticulously following the pre and post surgery instructions my fur baby is on her way to being her old self. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Hopefully she won’t rupture any of her other ligaments but if she does Southwest Veterinary Surgical Service is my first and only option.”

– Michelle on Google


“The staff is very caring and gave my dog individual attention. They did a fantastic job communicating and providing updates on her condition. The discharge instructions are very thorough and they provided a lot of information so I could confidently care for my dog when she came home”

– Paul on Facebook


“They are very courteous and professional. The really take their time and have great follow up care making you feel at ease. They did back to back surgeries on my Daphne were very honest with expectations and both went extremely well. I would definitely recommend them!”

– Debra on Facebook


“The doctors and staff at Southwest Veterinary Surgical Service are the best in the Valley. Our dog had to undergo emergency surgery to remove a portion of his lung that was damaged. The doctors explained to us what was going on and how surgery could help him. After being stabilized overnight, our dog had surgery the next day and has never looked back. Today, our dog is back to being a part of our family thanks to the wonderful care he received at Southwest Veterinary Surgical Service. We would highly recommend their surgery centers to anyone and everyone that has a pet needing surgery. We went to their Gilbert location but I understand they also have surgery centers in Scottsdale and Glendale. The doctors and all the staff are knowledgeable, highly skilled, caring, and compassionate. You could not ask for your pet to be in any better hands than at their hospitals.”

– Amber on Google


“The staff here is AMAZING. Our pup had to have a TPLO surgery here a few weeks ago and the staff went above and beyond. They are great about explaining the procedure, the expectations, how it works, etc, which made me feel really comfortable. They call many times with updates on your pet if they have to stay overnight for surgery and they are very thorough in their discharge information, even when I asked 80000 questions. I was obviously very nervous as I have never had a pet go through surgery and had no idea what to expect, but I would 100% recommend Southwest Veterinary Surgical Service, the whole office really cares about the wellness of your pet and are very calming. The experience was great and my pup is healing well! Yes, they are expensive, but it’s surgery on your pet, what do you expect? Cannot wait till he is back on all four legs!”

– Azlynn on Google


“My 4 month old puppy unfortunately broke her femur and I was so thankful to find Southwest Veterinary Surgical Service. They did a surgery for my puppy, Pepper, and were so good with her. Pepper is my baby and I was so distraught over the situation and hated not being with her. SVSS made me feel comfortable, I trusted they were taking care of Pepper and we loving on her when I couldn’t. The staff was friendly, responsive and empathetic to the situation and made me feel so safe and secure with my decision to get the surgery for Pepper. Thank you SVSS for all that you did and continue to do as Pepper heals and gets better! She will be back on 4 healthy strong legs in no time.”

– Lindsey on Google