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Southwest Veterinary Surgical Service, P.C. is a specialty referral surgical practice whose board-certified surgeons have over eighty years of combined surgical expertise and are dedicated to providing your pet with the highest quality surgical care with an emphasis on pain management and prevention. Our highly-trained staff is committed to enhancing the quality of life for our patients and strengthening the human-animal bond.

We are an extension of veterinary practices throughout the communities we serve, working in conjunction with primary care veterinarians to provide comprehensive patient care and exceptional client service. We routinely collaborate with our board-certified colleagues at the Arizona Veterinary Specialty Center, the Scottsdale Specialty & Emergency Center, Southern Arizona Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center, Canyon State Veterinary Specialties, and with the emergency services throughout the valley in order to assure that all aspects of your pet’s medical and surgical condition are carefully considered. This multidisciplinary interaction with our colleagues provides optimum treatment for patients with complex medical and surgical conditions.

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