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Showing Your Pet Some Love
2 Jun, 2018. 0 Comments. Pet advice, SVSS News. Posted By: swvetsurgery

Our pets provide a very important level of companionship. If you are a pet person, you probably understand and appreciate all the love, comfort and friendship that a pet can provide. They are there for us on a daily basis and are always open and ready for cuddling, playing and bonding. Being that pets are such wonderful and meaningful companions, it is important to help them live healthy, long and happy lives. Here, we will take a look at a few simple and easy to accomplish tips for guaranteeing a healthy and happy life for our special furry friends.

Healthy Diet

Just like humans, a healthy diet is essential to a happy and healthy life for our pets. However, there is a key difference between pets and humans- humans can choose what they want to eat. Whereas pets must eat what we choose to provide for them. That being the case, we pet owners are the deciding factor between a healthy diet and an unhealthy diet.

It is important for a pet owner to select a food that is not only healthy, but nutritious and satisfying as well. When choosing a food for your animal, be sure to do research on their breed, size and age. Different pets have specific needs when it comes to nutrition and it is important to make sure that they are getting exactly what they need. Correct measurements and portioning are also crucial to proper nutrition. Overfeeding can lead to weight gain, underfeeding can lead to malnutrition. Both aspects can be harmful to your pet’s health and quality of life. Be sure to consult your veterinarian for recommendations as well.

Staying Active

All pets require a certain level of activity and stimulation. Whether you have a puppy, kitten, senior dog or cat, bird, rabbit, horse, etc- all creatures need movement and attention to keep them stimulated mentally and physically. It is important to assess your pet’s needs and provide the proper level of entertainment and exercise. Not only will it help to maintain a healthy weight, but it also helps to slow down the development of age related issues. Whether you choose hiking, swimming, playing with toys, training techniques, daily walks, food puzzles, obstacle courses, pet dates, etc- keeping your pet well stimulated will guarantee a physically and mentally stable and happy pet.

Special Attention

Just like humans, pets often require and enjoy a certain level of special attention. Perhaps you have a cat that enjoys a few quiet moments resting in your lap while you scratch behind the ears. Or maybe you have a pup that enjoys basking in the sun with a favorite toy or special treat. You may have a senior furry friend that needs an extra boost to reach the bed. A very important part to a pet living a happy life is to have an owner who recognizes a special need or preference. Show your beloved furbaby that you really care by paying attention to the little things that matter. Take some extra time throughout the day to cater to a need or desire. With all the love they give, our loving pets are definitely worth the effort.

Regular Checkups

Yearly checkups are a very important aspect to ensuring your pet’s health. A veterinarian can determine how your pet is doing physically and mentally and can often spot or diagnose any underlying issues your pet may be experiencing or could potentially encounter. Even if you have a generally healthy pet, an annual visit can create peace of mind that your pet is doing well. Throughout their lifetime, your pets may encounter a variety of illnesses or injuries. Regular visits to the veterinarian can guarantee that these conditions are noticed before they become a larger problem. Proper health care will keep your pet happy and healthy while providing peace of mind that you are doing everything you can to keep your pet around as long as possible.

As pet owners, it is our role to show our furry friends we care. With consistent love, attention and proper care we can guarantee that our beloved pets will be around for many years to come.

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