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How to stop your cat from scratching the furniture
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We love cats. That’s no secret. Just check out the amount of Cat Videos we have scattered across our Facebook page. Cats are impressively intelligent and offer a furbaby bond that is second to none. They can be adorable, loving, spunky and entertaining- all in one moment. However, there is one major downfall to owning a cat: the destruction they can cause from the tiny razor-like nails they house within their furry cute paws.

Cats have a tendency to scratch- anything and everything. From the sides of couches, to the beautiful finish of an antique dresser, cats are not biased about what they will scratch and have little care in the amount of damage that it can cause. Whether it be to mark their territory or to keep their claws in shape, it is a daily habit that is hardwired into their DNA.

As obnoxious and destructive as it can be, little can be done to alter this natural cat behavior. However, measures and adjustments can be made to prevent extensive or permanent damage to furniture or special household items. Here, we will take a look at a few different ways to deter your cat from terrorizing your furniture.

Get a scratching board or post…

An easy way to prevent your kitty from scratching the furniture is to give them something else to scratch. Scratching posts are a great fix. However, there are a few things to look for when finding the best option.

Height: You want to look for a post or board that will be high enough for your cat to reach while standing on their hind legs- as this is their preferred position when scratching. You also want to make sure that the post is sturdy enough to hold up to a scratching kitty.

Variety: Cats are curious by nature and often enjoy exploring or experiencing new stimuli. To keep your cat from getting bored, consider utilizing a variety of scratching boards or posts throughout your home. Try mixing up the placement every now and then to keep them stimulated and intrigued.

Texture: When it comes to a scratching post, a roughly textured surface is ideal. Look for something that will provide a decent amount of traction against the nails. Cats prefer surfaces such as the bark of a tree, or a tightly bound fabric to a piece of wood or cardboard. Make sure that it is rough enough to capture your cat’s attention while enticing them to scratch.

Get your cat to stop scratching the furniture…

If you have a cat that enjoys scratching the furniture, the key is to let them know that you are not happy about that behavior. Whereas, you don’t want to scare or startle them, you want to make sure they know that it is unacceptable. You can do this by using a spray bottle with water to gently spray a small stream when you catch them in the act. The water may startle them enough to know that they don’t want to scratch that area again.

You can also make use of double sided tape or plastic on the area they like to scratch. The double sided tape will cause their paws to lightly stick- creating a sensation they may not like. Cats don’t usually like anything sticking or attaching to their paws. Therefore, double sided tape can be useful in deterring a cat to scratch a particular area.

It is important to remain gentle and patient with your cat as you encourage better scratching behavior. As frustrating as it can be, shouting or startling them will only scare them or entice them to scratch when you are not present. Providing other scratching options and covering or protecting important areas will help to make an effective transition. Remember, cats are extremely intelligent and can easily be worked with if you remain patient and consistent.

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