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Fun Facts About Cats
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We love cats… That’s no secret if you follow our Facebook Page. Cats are entertaining, loving (well, sometimes), and above all- intelligent. Just because we enjoy them so much, we wanted to share some fun facts about why cats are so amazing.

The patterns on their noses are unique.  Just like the fingerprints of a human, every cat’s nose print is different from another’s.

Cats cannot see directly below their noses! It is their own personal blind spot.

Cats cannot taste sweet things. Can you imagine not being able to enjoy the flavor of sweets? Cats don’t have that ability. Our feline friends lack the 247 base pairs of amino acids that make up the gene capable of detecting a sweet flavor.

Male cats are left-handed, and female cats are right-handed. A study shows that when faced with a one-pawed task, female felines tend to use their right paw more frequently. Whereas the males utilized their left. This is believed to be a result of hormones.

Cats have three eyelids. The third eyelid is used to protect the eyeball from foreign objects. It also releases a liquid with an antiseptic property that helps to fight off bacteria.

Their whiskers are used for detecting the amount of space in which they can fit through. Cats love to fit into tight spaces and their whiskers help with that! By using their whiskers, they can sense which areas they have the ability to squeeze into and the ones that they cannot.

Kittens sleep so frequently because that is when their growth hormone is released. Just like humans, kittens grow in their sleep! Hence the reason they need so much rest.

There is lots more to learn about cats, and if you want to learn more about your furry friends, be sure to check out the cat care part of our site.

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