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Cat Catastrophes
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Owning a cat can be one of the most rewarding experiences in the history of owning pets. However, there are a few common mistakes that a cat owner can make that can lead to some minor mishaps in cat parenting. It is important to recognize that cats have specific needs. Here, we will be taking a look at some common- but avoidable- cat catastrophes.

Providing Water.

This seems like a simple enough task for cat owners to accomplish. However, cats have a tendency to not get enough water intake. Cats prefer fresh and clean running water. Some felines have a difficult time recognizing flat and still water which could lead to them assuming their bowl is empty. Consider investing in a pet fountain. The splashing water tends to attract a cat’s attention and will encourage them to drink more frequently. Otherwise, you can also incorporate canned food into their diet. Canned food has a higher percentage of water content and can provide much needed hydration.

Keeping the litter box clean.

It’s no secret, cats prefer a clean bathroom space. As soon as a litter box become overfilled, they will not use it. This can result in accidents or mishaps throughout the house. It is a good idea to scoop it at least every other day or invest in an automatic litter box. Depending on the number of cats in the home, you may want multiple litter boxes. The general rule of thumb is one box per cat. It is a good idea to fully dump the box and give it a good scrub at least every couple weeks. This will guarantee a generally clean box and a happy cat that is willing to use it.

Stimulate your cat.

Cats have EXTREMELY active minds. They are hunters by nature and love to play and/or engage with the environment around them. Be sure to keep your cat’s mind and body active and stimulated by encouraging continued play and exploration. You can incorporate food puzzles during feeding time in order to keep them interested in the food they eat. Surprisingly, cats do very well with training also. Whether it be for a trick or an agility course, stimulating your cat’s mind will keep them happy while strengthening your bond with them as well.

Take your cat to the vet.

Many cat owners make the mistake of assuming their cat doesn’t need veterinary care. Even though your feline friend may not be sick or injured, a routine exam is still very important. These types of exams can guarantee your cat is staying in good health. Many diseases and ailments can be diagnosed before issues are life-changing or devastating. Be sure to take your feline to their yearly exam to guarantee continued health and well-being.

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