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Best New Year’s Resolutions for You and Your Pet
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It’s the start of a new year! Can you believe 2018 is already here? It is a great time to change your routines, try something new or set some really fantastic goals of what you want to achieve or accomplish in the coming months! Not only is it a great time to set some goals for yourself, but why not set some for your pets also? Just like people, pets need changes in their routines. There’s no better time to commit to helping your pet have a happier, healthier and more stimulated life! Need some ideas? Check out our suggested New Year’s Resolutions and make this year a happy and healthy one for yourself and your furry loved ones!

Resolution #1: Get your pet’s food on track!

Although it may seem tedious at times, it is a good habit to measure your pet’s food consistently. Even though it can seem easier to eyeball it, this can sometimes lead to unintentional overfeeding. Overfeeding over a period of time can cause unnecessary weight gain. Be sure to check the Recommended Feeding Guidelines or consult your veterinarian on the best amount to ensure proper weight management. It is also important to consider your pet’s age when deciding the proper amount. Growing pets tend to have specific nutrient requirements that need to be met in order to secure a strong and healthy body. Older pets tend to have lower energy requirements and may not need the same amount as a younger one. Choosing a balanced diet that is tailored to your pet’s specific needs will ensure that they stay in optimal health!

Resolution #2: Have your pet try a new activity!

Not only will this be extremely stimulating for your pet, but it could be fun for you as well! Consider trying out a new activity that will inspire your pet to get active. Perhaps hiking, swimming or doga? (Yes, you read that right! Doga is actually a thing! Check it out here! What could be better than doing Yoga with your dog?) These are great ways to bond and get out of the house in the process. You can also browse local meetup groups for like minded pet owners looking to do the same! Or, consider trying out a new toy or food puzzle that can help to stimulate their mind as well. Cats love the thrill of chasing a laser or enjoying a new catnip toy. New activities are not only entertaining for your pet, but fun for you to watch as well!

Resolution #3: Visit the Vet!

Yearly veterinary examinations are an important component to guaranteeing your pet’s general health. Routine visits offer a vital opportunity to assess your pet’s overall health and well-being. Many medical conditions are much easier to manage when detected early on. So why not give yourself peace of mind by having them checked out annually? Veterinary visits are a great time to ask for advice, update vaccinations, check the health of the teeth and gums, get an expert opinion and also guarantee that your pet is happy and healthy!

So how about it? Inspired to set some great resolutions for you and your furbaby? Your pet will appreciate it and you will have a more productive and happier year knowing that your pet is happy, healthy and safe. And don’t forget to love on your beloved furry family member every day! The physical connection is beneficial, therapeutic and guaranteed to enhance your bond.

Happy New Years from the team at Southwest Veterinary Surgical Service!

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